June 20, 2014

Resident Question: “What If I Need To Pay Rent After Hours?”

Rent is due on the first day of each month, and considered late by close of business on the 5th. If you find you’ve forgotten to pay early and now can’t make it into our office before it will be considered late, you have several options to avoid late fees!

1. Rent may be slipped through the mail slot of the front door of our office. We recommend you place it in an envelope with your apartment number written on the outside and in the “memo” section of the check. This not only ensures we know which apartment to credit, but makes your check easier to see when we walk in the next morning. We are not liable for checks lost, so please feel free to call us to confirm your check was received or even include a note asking us to call or e-mail when it arrives!

How Can I Pay Rent? Mail Slot.

2. Rent may be paid over the phone with a debit or credit card. We do not accept American Express. If you pay your rent over the phone, we will need your card information including: card number, expiration date, security code, billing address and zip, and your name and apartment number. You will be charged a credit/debit card fee equal to 2% & rounded up to the nearest even dollar. (This fee is not assessed for cards swiped in the office.)

3. Residents may mail us checks at any time. We recommend doing so early enough the month before that you don’t have to fork over a next day delivery charge. We honor the date we receive the check, not the date you mail it out. If you want to make sure your check has made it to us, you are welcome to call our office or even include a note asking us to call or e-mail when it arrives.

4. Residents in our Jefferson Street and College Avenue apartments may also pay rent online through the new resident portal. To create an account, enter your name and your apartment code. (For example, apartment number 501 would be entered as follows: Jefferson Arms is JA 501, College Plaza is CP 501, Collegewood is CW 501, and so forth.) If you have trouble creating an account, please call us to verify how you are listed in our system. (We may have your nickname instead of full name or vice versa, or even have misspelled your name on our end. We will gladly help you figure out the problem and fix it.) There is an online transaction fee of $15-$18.

Online Resident Portal

5. Set up automatic bill payment through your bank. We do not have the capability to do this through our office, but you could always set up automatic bill payment through your bank. They’ll just need to know our address (502 West Jefferson Street Tallahassee, FL 32301) and your account number with us (your apartment number). We recommend you set the pay date on or before the first of the month, as they will be mailing a physical check. If the check they send takes a while to be delivered through the mail, you are responsible any late payments.

6. If you know you won’t be in town for a month or just don’t want to have to think about paying every month, you can write several checks at once and post date them for the month you want them applied. Simply write checks as normal but write them for the first day of a future months. When you hand them to us, remind us they are post dated and we will store them separately from the other checks. Legally, post dating a check does not prevent us from cashing it early, but we will never intentionally do so! You writing the future date is simply a precaution to make sure we don’t accidentally use it early. We offer this as a convenience, not a trick.  (Note, we hear it is actually illegal to write a check, even post dated, if you do not have the money in the bank to cover it. We have no way of knowing the sum of money in your bank account, but it never hurts for you to know the law!)

7. If you just got a big chunk of financial aid, a bonus at work, etc. you could also just pay the remainder of your balance all at once. Funny joke, we know. But some people do take advantage of this option. Sort of like ripping off a rent band aid if you will.

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June 11, 2014

Happy Birthday, Becca!

We want to wish our Property Manager, Becca, a very happy birthday! Though she’s already at work, we hope she won’t work too hard! Enjoy the day and find some time to celebrate, you’ve earned it!

Property Manager

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May 29, 2014

(Future) Resident Question: “What Is The Application Process?”

Once you’ve decided you love our apartments and want to move in, there are a few forms you’ll need to fill out. We’ll do our best to make the process and simple as possible. Here’s what you’ll experience:

Leasing office 2

You’ve probably already toured the apartments. Now, you’ll want to fill out an application. This form is available in our office or on our website under the “Information/Forms” tab. Like many other apartment complexes, we charge a $45 application fee to cover the cost of a credit check. There isn’t a particular score we look for – instead, our staff is trained to look for 3-5 years of good, solid credit history. For many of our student residents, this length of history may be an issue. If that is the case, we recommend finding a co-signer. This can be a parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle, or even a family friend! We have the same credit requirements for a co-signer that we do for a resident; they don’t have to have a perfect score.
Students who have never had a credit card do not start with a perfect credit score! You actually begin with no score. Having companies look up your score can actually lower it, so we recommend not trying your own credit unless you’ve had a credit card or non-student loan for at least 3 years.

If you or your optional co-signer passes the credit check, we’ll get to work on your lease. You may view a sample of the lease (exactly like ours, but we fill in the blanks with dates, names, prices, etc.) on our website. It is also under the “Information/Forms” tab of the home page. The basic deposit for the apartment is $300. If the resident also has a pet or wants to rent furniture, each of those adds an additional $150 deposit. All deposits are refundable upon move out.20140529_124540

But what happens if a resident doesn’t pass a credit check? Residents have the option to pay an additional deposit equal to 2 months of rent. This may not be used towards rent, but is also refundable upon move out.

What about international students with no social security number? We love our international residents, and don’t want to punish them for not having a social security number! Because of this, international students pay a special deposit of $500.

Once the deposit is paid and the lease is signed, your apartment is saved! You’ll need to pay your pro-rated first month of rent on the day that you move in. If your new apartment will be a one bed/one bath, you’ll also need to provide proof you’ve turned on electric in your name. You’ll have a few more forms to fill out, get your parking permit and informational booklet, and the keys to your new home!

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May 23, 2014

Memorial Weekend Hours

In celebration of Memorial Day, our office will have shortened hours this
weekend. Don’t worry, we’re still here every day, and of course our 24-hour
emergency maintenance is still available as always! We hope our residents
(and future residents) enjoy their holiday weekend!

memorial day

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May 15, 2014

Resident Question: “So Which Apartment Do You Recommend?”

All of our apartments are pet friendly, all can be furnished or unfurnished, and all have access to our four lovely pools. It can be a daunting task to choose where you’ll want to spend your next year, and sometimes prospective residents struggle to decide which apartment is the best fit for them! It is not uncommon for future residents to ask us which apartment we recommend. In all honesty, each of our apartments has something unique that sets it apart from the others, and it truly depends on what you’re interested in.


Jefferson Arms spacer

For prospective residents looking for the best deal possible, we generally recommend our studio apartments, Jefferson Arms. It is a smaller space, but it provides two closets for extra storage. The best part, however, is what the rent includes. While the base price is a little higher than our smallest 1/1, the rent includes unlimited electricity. In the end, this apartment always ends up as the least expensive. This is not only great for residents who are working to (or learning to) stick to a budget, it’s also a smart move for residents like myself who have a tendency to forget billing due dates! (TIP! Set a calendar reminder in your cell phone to repeat monthly reminding you to pay your bills, check your tire pressure, etc.)



CP spacer

For residents who want to save money but also know they want a little more room to spread out, we suggest our smallest 1/1, College Plaza. College Plaza, like all of our apartments, includes water, sewer, pest control, digital cable, and parking. However, it also has a central water heater – like a hotel – so residents don’t have to pay to heat their own water and they won’t run out of hot water.
College Plaza is also great for residents who dislike having people walk by their windows. Because you enter the rooms through interior hallways, walkways don’t go by the windows. This floor plan also includes two closets, for extra storage! Bonus: Half of the building faces away from FSU, which gives residents in those apartments a lovely view of downtown Tallahassee.



CW JT Spacer

For students who aren’t ready to splurge on our largest apartment but want even more space or love to cook in an open kitchen, we recommend either Collegewood or Jefferson Towers. Both of these apartments have the same floor plan. They feature a much larger kitchen than College Plaza, as well as a walk in closet in the bedroom. The bedroom itself is larger as well. While this floor plan is only 25 square feet and $30 more, that little extra goes a long way!



FT Spacer more red

Finally, for students (or non-students) who would rather have the comfort of our most spacious apartment with the most amenities than cut costs, we recommend beautiful Florida Towers. These apartments are considerably larger than the rest at 700 square feet. Florida Towers is also the only apartment to offer a dishwasher and central heating and air conditioning as opposed to a window air conditioning unit. While it doesn’t have Collegewood and Jefferson Towers’ walk in closet, it does feature 4 separate closets (one of which houses the water heater) for plentiful storage space.


No matter what you’re looking for in an apartment, we think we’ve got an option you’ll love! So come on in for a tour of all of the apartments, and tell us which you think is the best fit for you.

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May 8, 2014

Resident Question: “Why Can’t My Dog Join Me In The Pool Area?”

Here at PhoenixSouth, we love pets! While we truly wish we had the room to add a fenced off-leash pet run to our property, our location simply does not allow it. The pool area does not make an acceptable substitution.

According to the Florida Administrative Code, our pools are considered “public pools”. As such, we are subject to Florida Administrative Codes. (Note, this applies to the health code standards, not the actual people we serve. Our pools are open only to residents and escorted guests.)

no dogs in pool area

Florida law mandates that “…animals and glass containers are prohibited within the fenced pool area, or 50 feet from pool edge when no fence exists.” Chapter 64E-9 (Swimming Pools and Bathing Places) This law even applies to service animals.

Should the proper authorities discover a resident violating this code, our pool(s) could consequentially be shut down. It is for the safety and courtesy of your neighbors that we do not allow animals in the fenced in pool area.

If you are looking for a place to exercise your dog, we have plenty of other ideas! Tallahassee has many trails that accept leashed dogs, as well as a couple of off-leash dog parks. Tom Brown Dog Park is located on Easterwood Drive just off Connor Blvd past Capital Circle (just drive down Park Ave. away from campus). Another option is Mission San Luis, just off Tennessee Street past Ocala Road.

If you’d like for your dog to burn off some energy while you’re in class or at work, another option we love is doggie daycare. There are many wonderful places in Tallahassee, but our residents and staff have had  good personal experiences at Doggie Dayz Daycare and Training off Capital Circle (between Apalachee Pkwy and Park Ave), Mojo’s Backyard off Centerville Road between Capital Circle and I10, and Pet Paradise off Hartsfield Road just before Capital Circle.

If you ever have questions regarding our pet policies, please do not hesitate to ask our staff. Additionally, if you do witness any of our pet policies being broken (off-leash dogs, animals in the pool area, pet waste not being picked up, etc.), we encourage you to let us know so we can fix the problem! All of our rules are in place for the safety and courtesy of our residents, and we work to ensure they are followed.

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April 20, 2014

Easter Weekend Hours

office closed sign

This Sunday, our office will be closed so that our employees may enjoy Easter with their family and friends. We hope our residents get the chance to do the same! Remember, if there is a true emergency, there is always an after-hours emergency maintenance number.

 Happy Easter, everyone!

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April 11, 2014

Limited Time – Save Over $1,000

Leasing an apartment is a big commitment. It’s a year long promise to hand over a big chunk of your monthly income. Trust us, we get it!

We’re here to help in every way possible. How? Well, we have the best offer in the city of Tallahassee! Our limited time special gives new residents $100 off PER MONTH at our studio apartments, Jefferson Arms.

Jefferson Arms studio apartments in Tallahassee, FL. Just $520 per month*

That means if you sign a lease for next year by the end of April, you’ll be paying a mere $520 per month for your own space within walking distance of the FSU and FSU Law campuses, downtown Tallahassee, the Civic Center, parks, restaurants, bars and more. It means you’re paying just $520 for the convenience of an apartment that includes FREE electricity, water, sewer, pest control, digital cable, and parking! It means a much smaller chunk of money you have to hand over every month, without sacrificing location, convenience, or living standards.

Jefferson Arms studio apartments in Tallahassee, FL. Just $520 per month*

Jefferson Arms has everything you need. You’ll have your own apartment – no roommates necessary (unless you want one, of course). You’ll have free run of the absolute best location in Tallahassee, and you’ll never have to waste time or quarters finding metered spots downtown or near campus. Your new apartment will be safe and pet friendly (breed restrictions apply). You’ll enjoy the benefits of 24 hour maintenance and 4 beautiful pools, as well as a resident exclusive underground parking garage.

Can you picture it?

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April 7, 2014

We Are Open For Tours!

While we offer lovely 24/7 virtual tours on our website, we know nothing beats the real deal. For the past month or so, we’ve had to take down names to call interested parties when we have an apartment open to show. While we’re thrilled so many people love our apartments that they want to fill us to capacity, we must admit it makes it a little difficult to show prospective residents what their future home will look like! Thankfully, we now have models in every floor plan to show future residents!

PhoenixSouth Apartments in Tallahassee FL are open for tours! No appointment necessary.

This means you can stop by any time during our office hours and we can take you to see each and every apartment floor plan. No more squinting at your screen and trying to imagine yourself in the room. Now you’ll be there!

Come by our office or call us to schedule an appointment. You’re going to love living here!

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April 2, 2014

Our Residents Can Get Social!

At PhoenixSouth, we strive to provide our residents with the best service we can. To do that we’ve streamlined our website to make it even easier to navigate and we’ve added a resident portal where residents can submit work orders, update their information, and even pay their rent online!*

PhoenixSouth is Social - and we're going to surprise our residents with something awesome!

But that’s not all! Did you know that PhoenixSouth has an active Facebook page? While it’s a great source of information for future residents, it is also a useful resource for our current residents, and we highly recommend “liking” it if you live in one of our properties or plan to. We post important reminders, tips for apartment living, and fun things to do in Tallahassee. Soon, we’re going to start posting something even more exciting for our residents. Any guesses what that might be? Stay tuned!

*Residents in our downtown/FSU located apartments have the ability to pay their rent online. This service is not yet available for some of our other properties.

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